3 Easy Changes You Can Make To Prolong The Life Of Your Ailing Commercial Freezer

Whether it is a restaurant you own or a grocery store, the commercial freezer you have is likely one of the most valuable components you have, not to mention the most costly. Therefore, keeping your freezer functional for as long as possible is always going to be important. If your freezer is starting to show signs of its age, you don't have to just wait in nervous anticipation for the day it finally kicks the bucket and you have to shell out thousands of dollars for a replacement. The best thing to do is step up your maintenance and care routine to prolong the life of your ailing commercial freezer.

Be even more adamant about keeping the freezer door closed.

Allowing the freezer door to stay open for any extended period of time causes two problems. One, the freezer's motor will have to run for even longer in order to keep the space cold. Two, warm air that slips inside the freezer when the door is left open will lead to steam when it collides with the colder temperatures inside. This steam will result in frozen condensation that will show up on the floors, ceilings, and around the fans of the unit, making it even more difficult for your aging freezer's motor to do its job.

Promptly remove any formed ice accumulation around fans.

An aging freezer motor does not need to contend with a lack of air flow because this will only be more taxing on the system. Ice accumulation inside the freezer will prevent the necessary air flow to keep the temperature regulated, which means the freezer's fan motor will have to work even harder to maintain a consistent temperature. It is a good idea to have your employees check for ice accumulation regularly and remove it as soon as it becomes visible.

Try to keep the freezer stocked as full as possible with product.

It may sound like an odd thing to fully stock a commercial freezer that is showing signs of age, but this will only help your freezer in the long run. The more stocked your freezer is, the less open space it will have to keep cold. Therefore, the less it will have to work in order to keep the freezer at an adequate temperature level. Keep the shelves fully stocked and try not to leave a lot of empty space inside your aging freezer to help take some of the strain off of the motor.

For more information on commercial freezer repairs, check with a service company in your area.