Humidifier On Your HVAC System Not Getting Water? Troubleshoot And Repair It Yourself

If the humidifier that's tied into your home heating and cooling system isn't working, there are a few things for you to do check to get it running gain. Without the humidifier, your sinuses could begin hurting and your skin will become dry and itchy. Here, you will learn about three common causes of water supply issues leading to your humidifier so that you can see about getting it up and running quickly.

Water Inlet Valve

If water isn't making it to the humidifier at all, the problem is likely in the water inlet valve. This part can be tested with a multimeter. Take the two multimeter probes and touch each end of the valve. If the reading doesn't show continuity, the valve needs to be replaced.

If that test doesn't identify the problem, take a good look at the orifice attachment. That piece has a small filter attached that may have become clogged. Remove it, clean it and replace it. If the filter is corroded, buy a new filter and install it.

Test the system and see if this fixed the problem. If not, continue on with more testing.


If the humidistat is not functioning properly, it may just need to be adjusted. Set it to the highest setting and listen for it to click. If you don't hear the clicking noise as the contacts close, the part is bad. If it has clicked, the water should begin to fill the humidifier. If it clicks and water doesn't fill the unit, you have a problem, but it isn't with the humidistat.

Saddle Valve

If the two prior tests haven't solved the problem, the saddle valve could be the problem. Look for the brass valve (saddle valve) located on the water supply line connecting to the humidifier. Turn off the water and disconnect it. Look for calcium or debris build up that may be stuck in the valve. If there is a lot of debris caked onto the part, take it to your local hardware store and find a replacement. You will spend more time and energy cleaning that little part than you will replacing while you have it off.

Reconnect the valve and test the system. At this point, you should have found the problem if it is something simple. If you have yet to find the element causing the humidifier not to work, contact your local HVAC technician for assistance.