Reasons Your Heater Broke Down

Figuring out what happened to a furnace that's broken down can be frustrating, but here are some issues to consider when assessing a broken furnace. 

Your Filters Are Clogged

This is a great starting point for troubleshooting a broken furnace because it's easy to do yourself. You may suspect a clogged air filter if the heater is simply not producing enough heat or if it's turning off very shortly after the blower kicks on. Replacement filters can be found at any hardware store. Consult your owner's manual if you need instruction on how to change the filter. 

You've Got Pilot Light Issues

The next thing that could be causing your heater breakdown is an unlit pilot light. There are a few things you can do yourself to try and fix the issue. Make sure that the power is on and try to turn the pilot light on a second time. A pilot light may also go out because of a draft, so troubleshoot any sources of wind near the pilot light. This is a problem that may need to be addressed by your furnace service center if these simple fixes don't work. Don't attempt to light the pilot with a match, as this can be dangerous. 

Your Thermostat is Broken

Sometimes the problem is a broken thermostat. This may be the case if your heater is not reaching the temperature levels that you specify or if some rooms are colder than others. Another sign of a broken thermostat is when the heater keeps cycling from on to off. 

You Forgot to Do Routine Maintenance

Another source of heating repair issues is an accumulation of small maintenance issues that lead to a breakdown. Your furnace service technician should come around once a year to ensure that there are proper refrigerant levels, the filters aren't clogged, and that the system is getting the proper amount of voltage. Your technician may also do a combustion test to make sure that your system is combusting fuel efficiently. This will help to prevent future maintenance problems. 

Your Furnace Is Old

Plain and simple, furnaces have a shelf life. The lifespan can be shortened with heavy use or inappropriate maintenance that causes it to run at low efficiency. if you suspect that your heater broke down because of simple wear and tear, then speak with your heating repair technician about options for replacing parts or the whole system. Click here for more information about possible furnace issues and how to repair them.