3 Heating Maintenance Tasks To Tackle Before Winter Arrives

Your heater is a key part of your home, but it can be easy to forget about as long as it's doing its job. But if you don't keep up with a regular maintenance plan, you might end up being sorry (and very cold) later on this winter. To get started, here are three maintenance tasks you should tackle every fall before the cold weather arrives.

Clean Near the Gas Connection Before You Turn It On

Most homeowners turn off their gas connection every spring after winter is over. Obviously, this means your first task will be to turn the gas back on, but before you do so, you might want to take a closer look at the spot where the gas connects to the heater. It's likely that some dust or even some critters have accumulated in the area. You want to make sure this spot is completely cleared out before turning the heater back on.

Change the Air Filter

The air filter is not a mission critical part of your heating system, but if you don't change it out every once in a while, the heater will run less efficiently than it otherwise would and this can cause problems over time. Changing the air filter is also good for your family as it will remove allergens from the air. Start the winter off right with a brand new filter.

Get an Annual Inspection

If you really want to keep your heating system in top shape this year and every year, you should start scheduling a full HVAC inspection with a heating repair service. If a professional comes out to your home and notices a problem before winter arrives, you may be able to avoid a much more costly repair job further down the road. Find a reputable local heating repair service that you feel comfortable forming a long term relationship with for all of your heating needs. A good contractor will even be able to clean the gas connection and change the air filter for you if you are not comfortable tackling these tasks on your own.

Make sure your family makes it through this winter without any problems by taking care of some basic maintenance tasks for your heating system during the fall season. Simply cleaning out the dust near the gas connection and changing the air filter can go a long way towards ensuring maximum efficiency. For best results, contact a heating service company such as A Bailey Plumbing.