Typical Problems For A Central Heating System

Using a space heater is great when the central heating system is no long working and you need warmth in your house. However, a space heater alone isn't sufficient enough for warming up an entire house, which can cause discomfort, as you might only be able to obtain heat in one room. The fastest way to warm a house up is via a central heating system, so it is worth finding out what has caused yours to stop working as it should, instead of just relying on a space heater.

A professional heating technician can possibly make repairs to the system in a timely manner, but it depends on whether or not buying a new heating system is necessary. This article explains the typical problems that causes central heating systems to stop working to produce warm air in a house.

No Power is Making it to the Furnace

Although there are furnaces that can work without electricity, the majority of them require access to an electrical source for power. If your central heating system isn't working, you should check that it is receiving power, even if you can hear the system working. Even with a lack of electricity to the furnace, you might still hear something running when the thermostat is turned on. The reason why is because the blower fan can still run without the furnace working.

Check circuit breakers to ensure that none are turned off. You can also ask a technician to find out if the electrical wiring to the furnace is damaged.

There are Pilot Problems

Pilot problems can make it impossible for a central heating system to warm a house up. A common pilot problem is when the flame goes out. However, reigniting the flame is a minor repair that can be done quickly if you call a technician for assistance. Dirt is one of the other things that can cause pilot problems, such as if the orifice is clogged up with dirt. A dirty orifice can be cleaned out to allow the flame to come through and warm your house up.

The Furnace Burner Doesn't Work

A working burner is necessary when it comes to a gas furnace. The reason why is because the burner is responsible for producing a flame in the pilot. It is possible that the burner simply needs to be cleaned, which a professional can take care of on your behalf and in a thorough manner. Rust can also be the culprit of a problematic furnace burner. If there is a severe rust problem, a technician can easily replace the burner to resolve the problem.

If you can't find the source of the problem, contact a professional heating repair service, such as Biggerstaff Plumbing Heating & Air, for help.