Is It Time To Replace Your Commercial A/C Unit?

Commercial air conditioning units put in a lot of hours and just like every other mechanical system, this hard work often catches up. After a while, all commercial systems will fail, even if you've done your part to maintain them properly. The key is being able to recognize the signs of failure before the unit actually malfunctions. Not only can this advantage keep you cool, but it can also save you money. Learn some of the signs that signal the need to replace your HVAC unit.

Increased Energy Consumption

For most businesses, their energy bills make up some of the more significant expenses each month. For this reason, you probably notice a trend in how much you pay to cool your building every year. When you start to see a significant increase in the amount of energy you're consuming and its cost, this is an indication you have an efficiency issue on your hands.

A unit may still provide cold air, but as it ages, the level of efficiency at which it delivers this air may decline. In some instances, you might only need a repair, but this problem undoubtedly warrants a further review.

Frequent Customer and Employee Complaints

If you want to keep your employees motivated, you need to keep them comfortable, and if you're going to keep your customers coming back, you need to keep them happy as well. When you're getting constant complaints that your building is hot, this is a sign that your HVAC unit is not delivering cold air in the way it should.

Keep in mind that if you're a business where customers tend to spend an extended amount of time, such as a restaurant, if they have complaints about your establishment being hot too many times they may be less inclined to come back.

Dated System

Sometimes age alone is enough reason to upgrade a commercial unit, even when the system is operating fine otherwise. First, manufacturers have made great strides in the area of efficiency in recent years so a newer system may be able to deliver the same level of cool air to your building, but at greater efficiency, which means lowers cost.

Newer systems come equipped with new technology as well that may aid you in keeping the building more comfortable and keeping your cost lower. 

When your air conditioning unit is displaying any of these signs, it's time for you to take action. Contact an HVAC professional right away for assistance or visit a website like