How To Keep Your House Warm Until The Heater Gets Fixed

Suddenly having no heat during the winter time is not a good feeling. If this is your current situation, you'll want to contact a local HVAC contractor ASAP in order to get the problem resolved. In the meantime, you are likely interested in preserving as much heat within your home as you can. Most HVAC contractors can respond quickly in the event of an emergency, but you still might be waiting for a few hours depending on their schedule. Here's how you can retain heat within your home until help arrives.

Make Use of Curtains

The goal here is to try and block heat from escaping no matter where in the house it goes. One key area that could cause you to lose heat is your windows. Hopefully your windows are not too drafty, but your curtains and blinds can help you out in this situation. Keep your blinds and curtains draped over the window in order to keep warm air inside and cool air outside. This barrier isn't perfect, but it can at least slow the air flow. The one exception to this rule might be if the sun is beating down directly through the window, and you know the window is in good condition and not drafty at all. In this case, it might be better to open the curtains and let the sun in as source of heat, but you'll have to be the judge of that.

Get Out the Bathroom Towels

Another key space where warm air can escape is your exterior doors. First of all, try and make sure that no one opens the exterior doors to your home during this time. If you must open the door in order to let the dog outside, make sure you get in and out as quickly as possible. With the door shut, roll up a bathroom towel and put it on the ground by the bottom of the door. For better results, drape and tape a towel all along the entire frame of the door from top to bottom, overlapping towels if needed to cover the entire frame.

An HVAC Contractor Can Help

For best results, get your heating system inspected on a regular basis so potential problems can be caught before you end up with no heat. If you do encounter a problem, it's possible that already having a relationship with a local contractor will get them to come out to your home faster