Don't Get Stuck In The Cold: 4 Services Your Heater Will Need This Winter

Winter is in full swing, which means your heater is probably being used around the clock. If that's the case, it may be feeling the pressure. Unfortunately, excess pressure can cause your heater to stop working, which is not what you want - or need - during the winter. To avoid a cold home, here are four services your heater will need this winter. 

1. Clear the Vents

If your home isn't getting as warm as it should, and you have floor vents, it's time to conduct an inspection. Walk through your home and take a close look at all your vents. Furniture and other items placed too close to the vents can interfere with airflow, which can cause serious problems for your heater. Airflow problems can make your heater work harder to provide warm air for your home. Unfortunately, the extra work can lead to premature wear and tear, which can cause your heater to break down quicker. To reduce airflow problems, always keep the area around your vents free and clear. 

2. Check the Filter

If you want to make sure that your heater keeps you warm throughout the remainder of the winter, the first thing you need to do is check the filter. You may think that your filter is clean enough to make it through the winter, but that might not be the case, especially if you haven't switched it out for a few months. Under normal conditions, you can go for several months without changing your filter. However, under strenuous conditions, such as daily winter use, your filter may get clogged up quicker than you'd expect. Unfortunately, even something as simple as a dirty filter can compromise your heater. To avoid problems, check your filter right away. If it's dirty, replace it immediately. 

3. Clean the Burners

If it's been a while since you had the burners on your heater cleaned - or you've never had that service taken care of - it's time to schedule a maintenance appointment. Without proper maintenance, dirt and debris can build up on the burners, leading to inefficient heating. Not only that, but soot can build up on the burners and blower doors. If that happens, you're at an increased risk for furnace fires. To keep your heater running efficiently and reduce your risk of furnace fires, have your burners cleaned as soon as possible. 

4. Lubricate the Blower

Finally, if you want to ensure efficient heating this winter, be sure to have the blower on your heater lubricated. Without proper lubrication, the blower will overheat, which can cause a catastrophic breakdown for your heater. If you're not sure that your blower needs to be lubricated, listen closely. If your blower isn't properly lubricated, it will sound off with a distinctive squeal whenever your heater is running.

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