4 Things To Try When Your House Is Chilly Even Though The Furnace Is Running

In order to heat your home properly, your furnace, thermostat, and ducts have to be working properly. If any of these parts are damaged or malfunctioning, then your home could feel chilly even though the furnace is running. Here are 4 things to try when your home isn't warm enough.

1. Look For A Dirty Filter

A filter that's clogged with dust can cause your furnace to have problems heating your home. Change the filter to see if your house starts to warm up. Also, consider if you've changed brands or the type of filter you use recently. Always use the filter recommended by the furnace manufacturer since some furnaces may not be able to work well with highly efficient allergy filters.

2. Change The Thermostat Batteries

Problems with the thermostat are common and can lead to your furnace not working properly. Put in new batteries and double-check the settings to make sure the furnace is on heat mode and not just set to run the fan. Thermostats can also develop loose wires or have other problems, so your heating repair professional may have to determine if the thermostat is malfunctioning in other ways.

3. Seal Leaky Ducts

If warm air leaks in the attic, that affects how well the furnace can heat your living space. You can temporarily seal the ducts with duct tape, but you'll want a professional to make repairs or put in new ducts as needed for a permanent fix. You may also need a closer inspection to find smaller duct leaks that you overlooked.

4. Bring In A Heating Repair Professional

A furnace problem isn't always something easy and minor, like the filter or thermostat. Your furnace could have damaged or dirty parts. There might be something wrong with the ignition system in the furnace, or a safety switch might be keeping the burners from igniting for a safety reason.

A heating repair technician can locate the source of the problem, no matter what it is, and make repairs that get your home warmed up. The technician might have a clue about the cause based on the force of air coming out of the registers and if the air is cold, slightly warm, or hot.

A furnace that's running but not heating your home could be a serious matter. It's not good to run your furnace when it has a problem, and not only that, you'll be left in the cold if your home doesn't have enough heat. Always check the filter and thermostat first, but if these aren't the cause of the malfunction, then consider calling a heating repair company for help.