Installing Air Conditioning In Your Existing Home

Installing air conditioning in a home that does not already have it can be a big job, but there are some options when it comes to AC installation. You may want to consider installing a whole new HVAC system in the home, or if you are on a budget, there are some things that might be cheaper and can work just as well.

HVAC Systems

One way to get air conditioning in your home is to install a new HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system in your home. If you are considering AC installation and your home needs a new furnace soon, replacing the old system with a new system that will give you both air conditioning and heat is a good option. 

The cost of replacing the old system and doing the AC installation at the same time can be a little high, but if you are going to have to spend the money on the heating system soon, you may find that a combined HVAC system is cheaper to put in than just the AC installation and the new furnace later. 

A full HVAC installation ideally should come in the spring or fall when the temperatures are moderate outside, and you can endure a few days without the system, but talk to the company handling the work for you. They may be able to do a complete installation faster than you think. 

Adding AC Alone

If you are on a small budget or only need to add the air conditioning to one part of the house, installing a mini-split unit might be an option you want to explore. The mini-split unit allows AC installation with minimal disruption to the home. 

The mini-split AC installation is simple and consists of two parts. The AC condenser mounts outside the house near the room that the AC installation is happening in. The control unit mounts inside on the wall, typically a foot or so below the ceiling height. The two units are connected with several hoses that run through the wall directly behind the control unit. 

Once installed, the unit can cool one good-sized room, so it is a good fit for additions or if you have a small house that you only need a couple of units to cool. Often, these units are used for AC installations in studio apartments, in-law spaces, and additions or rooms in the home that need air conditioning like bedrooms or living spaces. Talk to your local AC installation company to see if a mini-slip is a good fit for your situation.