3 Ways to Deal with a High Water Bill

It's frustrating to get a high water bill when you're trying to stay on a monthly budget. If you water your lawn and have a pool too, you may use more water in some months than you do in other. A leaking pipe might also be to blame for a sudden increase in water usage. Here are three steps you may want to take when you get a high water bill.

1. Ask the Water Company to Verify the Reading

Your water bill should list how many gallons of water you used for the billing period. Compare this amount with the amount of water you normally use. If the bill shows you used much more water, but your habits haven't changed, call the water company to see if they'll read your meter again. Also, ask about any changes to fees on your bill that might have contributed to the increased cost. If the problem isn't with your water supply, then you know the problem is in your house.

2. Call a Plumber to Detect a Leak

If you're certain you haven't started using more water, such as recently filling a pool, and you can't see any water leaks in your home, then call a plumber to check for hidden water leaks. The plumbing pipes under the ground or the foundation of your home could be leaking. The leak may not be large enough to be noticeable, but even a small leak that goes on day after day can drive up your water bill. Plus, a plumbing leak leads to water damage to your home, so you want a plumber to find the leak and make repairs as soon as possible.

3. Practice Water Conservation

If you using more water, which might happen gradually over time as your kids get older, then you may want to start practicing water conservation in your home to see if that reduces your monthly water bill. Shorten showers and don't leave the water running while you do dishes or brush your teeth. If your plumbing pipes are fine and you're using too much water, talk to your plumber about plumbing upgrades that might help. You can have a new shower head put on that conserves water, and you might even want to change to a new toilet that uses less water when you flush.

Call a plumbing company to help you figure out what's going on so your home doesn't sustain water damage from a leak that's hidden and you don't know how to stop.