Signs You Need AC Repair For Refrigerant Leaks

The air conditioning unit at home relies on refrigerants to cool your rooms. With time, the refrigerant can leak and affect the AC system's efficiency. If undetected, refrigerant leaks pose health risks and can trigger AC system issues.

If the refrigerant leaks, your AC is forced to exert harder to remove hot air indoors. This means your electricity bill will skyrocket if you don't get an AC repair technician. These professionals know how to handle leaking refrigerant problems and repairs. Refilling the refrigerant isn't a solution and your AC repair specialist can advise on the perfect solution.

Here are signs that you need AC repair services for leaking refrigerant.

Your Home Needs More Hours to Cool

The refrigerant in your air conditioning unit is charged with blowing hot air out of your rooms. Subsequently, it allows the entry of cool air. If the refrigerant is leaking, the reduced levels cannot adequately cool your home normally. When you notice that cooling takes additional time, you must call an AC repair specialist to examine and repair possible leaks. This saves you the tedious process of adjusting your thermostat to regulate the temperature indoors.

AC Vents Blow Hot Air

If you notice that your vents are producing hot air, it signals that refrigerant is leaking. If the leak depletes the refrigerant, you won't enjoy the right quality of air from your HVAC vents. You must call an AC repair specialist to troubleshoot the cause and repair the underlying issue. Unless the leak arises from a complex system problem, an experienced AC technician will repair compared to replacing AC components.

Hissing Sounds

Are there hissing sounds inside the indoor AC unit? If so, it signals cracks in refrigerant supply coils. Hissing isn't exclusive to refrigerant leaks. However, these sounds indicate that you need an air conditioning repair professional to inspect and repair the unit.

Frozen Coils 

If there's a low supply of refrigerant inside the evaporator coils, they will not absorb heat normally. This causes intense condensation on these coils. With time, frozen coils out of condensation start to drip. Condensation on these coils isn't a threat. But it can affect other components and reduce the efficacy of the air conditioning system.

Sharp Energy Bill Spikes

When your home takes longer to cool, you're likely to adjust the thermostat endlessly. If you turn up the levels and operate your AC unit for long hours, it will affect your energy usage. You'll be forced to pay more. An AC repair professional will help to repair the refrigerant leak.