AC Repair: 5 Signs The Expansion Valve Is Faulty

Is the air coming from the AC vents too cold even after adjusting to the correct positions? You could have a faulty thermal expansion valve. This component regulates refrigerant flow. When it is not working correctly, your AC isn't able to keep your home cool because the heat exchange process fails. Here are several signs you might need AC repair services to look at a suspect expansion valve:

1. There is no Response to Temperature Adjustments

If you adjust your temperature control and there is no response, you will suspect many components. However, the heat exchange system should be top of the suspect list. A faulty expansion valve cannot regulate refrigerant flow; hence, the system fails. An AC repair service will diagnose this system as a priority.

2. The Evaporator Coils Are Frozen

In some cases, you might be able to hear your air conditioner's evaporator coils hissing. This means they are freezing up. A faulty expansion valve will block the refrigerant in the coils, making them super cold. Applying a heating source won't work, only restoring proper refrigerant flow.

3. The Compressor Runs Continuously

A faulty expansion valve causes your air conditioner to run constantly, even when it's not cooling anything. This can quickly result in a high electric bill and increased wear-and-tear on your AC unit, so it's good to have the AC repair service to evaluate your system for the compressor system, including the expansion valve.

4. There Is Poor Flow of Conditioned Air

When your air conditioner's expansion valve fails, there are problems with your AC system. When you have to run your AC system at maximum speed to get adequate cold air out of vents, it could signify that you have a faulty expansion valve because there won't be any AC when the heat exchange fails.

5. There is Frosting on the Vents

Failure of proper refrigerant flow leads to supercooling, resulting in frost forming on the AC vents. You will notice turning up the temperature doesn't make the frost disappear. Call an AC technician to check the expansion valve.

After you have your expansion valve replaced, you'll be ready to go back to enjoying a comfortable house. Call AC repair services if you think your expansion valve may be faulty. A technician will come out and diagnose the problem for proper repair. You can also hire HVAC contractors to conduct regular maintenance in order to identify any other issues so that you can always have an efficient AC unit.