2 Reasons It's Important To Have Your Home's Air Ducts Cleaned Regularly By A Professional

During the changing of the seasons, you may clean the vents and vacuum some of the ductwork past them before turning on the heating or air conditioning. After you are finished, you may believe that you have cleaned the worst out of the air ducts. 

However, if you are only cleaning the ducts yourself, you are not doing a thorough enough job. Below are a couple of reasons why it is important to have a professional regularly clean your home's air ducts instead of doing it yourself.

1. Helps Your Home's Heating and Air Conditioning System Maintain Its Efficiency Level

One reason that you should have a professional perform regular, thorough cleaning of your home's ductwork is that doing so helps the efficiency level of the heating and air conditioning system. As the air blows through the ducts to and from the system, dust, grime, and hair will start to build up along the bottoms of the ducts.

As these particles build up, the air's flow will be partially blocked, causing the system to work harder and resulting in higher energy expenditures. However, if a professional comes in and cleans the entire duct system, the efficiency level should improve. 

2. Helps to Improve the Overall Air Quality in Your House

Another major reason you need to have a professional service clean out the air ducts is that these ducts trap all kinds of allergens. Dust, hair, mold, and pollen will become trapped, and as the air flows through them, they will be released into the air.

Not only can these allergens affect anyone who has a sensitivity to them in your household, but they will also start to release odors. Having a service remove these allergens will help improve your family's ability to breathe while also freshening the air.

Even if you believe that you can get the worst of the dust, grime, and allergens caught in the ductwork by doing it yourself, you will not be able to reach all of it. Without having a professional do the cleaning for you, the buildup will still be there to decrease your HVAC system's efficiency level as well as adversely impact your home's overall air quality. If it has been a while or you have never had a professional come out and perform the service for you, speak with a representative of a business that offers residential air duct cleaning to discuss your available options.

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