4 Signs It Is Time To Repair Your Hydronic Heating System

Hydronic heating systems are different from forced air systems in many ways. For instance, instead of the regular duct where warm air gets pushed throughout the house, the hydronic system has a network of pipes through which water circulates and warms the rooms. Given this, it might seem like it would be complicated to know when there's a problem with the system, but some signs can be obvious. Here are four ways you can tell that it's time to call a technician to repair your heating system.

No Heat from the System

The first telltale sign that there is a problem with the system is when you receive no heat in the home. Note that the system heats your room through both convection and radiation. So, if you notice that no heat is coming out of the radiators, converter, or underground heater, it might mean something has failed within the network. That said, such a system is complex to troubleshoot and fix, and you shouldn't try doing it yourself. Instead, call the heating contractor to assess and repair it.

Water Leaking into the Home

The pipes used to transport water around the home should do it without leaking. Hence, if you notice droplets of water coming from any part of the system, a joint or connection has a weakness. You should know that the most common places where leaks happen include the distribution points, the piping, or the boiler. More so, leaks cause a drop in the water pressure, which compromises the efficiency of the heating process. If left unchecked, they can also lead to water damage, and you should have them repaired immediately.

Some Parts are Working While Others Aren't

You will know that the circulating pump, radiator, or baseboard has a problem when some parts of the system continue working efficiently while others don't. More importantly, remember that the entire hydraulic setup is intricate, and you might not have the skills to single out the issue and create a workable solution. So, call an expert as soon as you suspect damage to some parts of the heat distribution network. 

Inefficient Heating

A drop in the heating output is another indicator that you need to repair your hydronic heater. To diagnose this issue, check whether the thermostat has reached the temperature you want, adjust it, and wait to see if it leads to any changes. If you fail to attain efficient heating, call a trained expert to assess the system and figure out what could be causing inefficiencies.

These are some of the common issues a hydronic heating system could develop. The ideal way to handle these issues is to call a heating contractor who understands the heating system for repairs. They will have the system up and running in no time.