2 Signs Your Commercial Kitchen's Refrigerator Door Seals Need To Be Replaced

When you own and operate a restaurant, one of the most important things you do on a daily basis is ensure that all food is kept to specific temperature ranges so that it is safe for your customers to eat. However, while handling refrigerated food items during prep, you may have noticed that some of them do not feel cold enough.

If this is the case, there could be a couple of issues with your commercial refrigerator, one of which being broken door seals. Below are a couple of signs that the seals on your commercial kitchen door have failed and need to be replaced.

1. You Notice That the Temperature in the Area Closest to the Door Is Warmer than the Back

One sign that the cause of your restaurant's refrigerator's inability to keep all food items within it cold is faulty seals is variable temperatures within the unit. After the door has been closed overnight, open it and feel the temperature of items in both the front and the back. You should also have different thermometers in these areas to gain an accurate reading.

If the seals are to blame, the temperature in the area closest to the door will be warmer than in the back. Because the seals are no longer keeping the exterior air out, it will leak in and accumulate in the spaces closest to the door. If you notice that this is the case, the seals will need to be replaced.

2. You Find That the Shelves and Items in the Front of the Refrigerator Are Covered in Water

Another sign that the door seals on your commercial refrigerator are no longer working properly is when excess condensation builds up in the front of the appliance. Even if the door has not been opened frequently, you will find that the shelves and items closest to the door are covered in water.

Because of the extreme differences in temperatures between the exterior and interior air, condensation will rapidly build up when the warmer air leaks into the refrigerator. You may also find condensation toward the back, but because the temperatures are still cold, you may find it in the form of ice crystals.

Since maintaining the temperature of the food in your restaurant is vital for the safety of your patrons, a broken door seal on the refrigerator should be replaced as soon as possible. When this becomes necessary, you will notice that the temperature in the area closest to the door will be too warm and items stored in the front will be saturated with water due to excessive condensation. Contact a commercial appliance replacement parts supplier for more information.