What Chimney Cleaning Blunders Have You Been Making?

Although chimney cleaning offers numerous benefits, it's a misunderstood necessity. Due to this, many residential property owners make blunders that put their loved ones and property at risk. So, it's crucial to avoid making mistakes each time you decide to clean your chimney. 

A good rule of thumb is to allow professionals to handle the task on your behalf. After all, they understand everything about chimney safety and will provide guaranteed service. Here are the top chimney sweeping mistakes you should avoid to protect your home and family.

Assuming that Burning Seasoned Wood or Hardwood Is an Exception

Every chimney cleaning expert understands that nothing burns without producing a residue. Burning seasoned wood or hardwood will still lead to the production of minimal quantities of residue. This doesn't mean that you won't need the service at all. The residue will be less, meaning you may not need frequent sweeping like a homeowner who uses other fuel sources. 

So, ask your cleaning team how often you'll need their service if you intend to use hardwood or seasoned wood throughout. Also, ensure you purchase the right wood quality with minimal moisture content.

Cleaning the Flue with Salt, Logs, or Chemicals

Using these products to clean your chimney will not yield good results. They will only reduce the creosote buildup but not eliminate it. Soon enough, sheets of creosote will become loose and fall inside the smoke shelf, which could ignite a fire. Also, logs cannot be used to sweep the chimney because they will create irreversible damage. This will force you to repair the chimney, increasing your maintenance costs.

Failing to Assign the Task to Professionals

Chimney cleaning techniques vary depending on the model you have installed. So, every time you are tempted to DIY, you should remember that you lack the expertise and proper tools to clean the chimney. The best option is to hire a professional to handle the task. The sweepers will use state-of-the-art tools to restore the chimney to its original state. 

Hiring the Professionals at the Wrong Time

Some people may already know the significance of cleaning the chimney, but they schedule the cleaning work at the wrong time. This often occurs because of procrastination — a homeowner may wait until the cold weather sets it and then starts thinking of chimney cleaning. 

Since this mistake is common, the service providers are usually busy, and property owners have no option but to wait longer and pay higher rates. Schedule the service in spring or summer for more affordable chimney cleaning deals.

For more information on chimney cleaning, contact a professional near you.