4 Signs An Electrical System Requires Maintenance

Of the various utilities in any building, electrical systems are the most common ones to be out of sight and out of mind. Consequently, electrical maintenance isn't a top issue until someone detects a problem. Given the potential risks of electrical issues, though, you need to identify failures early. Look for these four signs you should call an electrician.

Appliance and Electronics Failures

One appliance failing is likely just a problem with the appliance. If you see several appliances experiencing electrical failures around the same time, there's a good chance that the electrical system is to blame. This is particularly true if the appliance in question is a system with a high peak draw, such as a refrigerator on an A/C unit.

Many kinds of electronics can have similar problems. Especially if you're dealing with a high-draw system like a desktop with an advanced graphics card, the device needs a very stable supply of electricity. Small wobbles in the voltage can make the system unstable, and electrical maintenance may be the only way to address the situation.

Increasing Electricity Bills

Not all problems with electricity fry things. An inefficient or damaged system may draw more power at its failure points because it can overcome some problems with more juice. Likewise, a poorly designed system can put too much load on one rail and drive up your bills. In either case, you should have an electrical contractor check things out.

Breakers and Fuses

If you're seeing breakers flip off or fuses blow out regularly, there's a good chance that the larger system is the problem. Sometimes this happens because your local area has poorly conditioned electricity. Fortunately, an electrician can usually install systems that'll provide a cleaner and more stable supply.

Electricity draw also can cause fuses and breakers to fail. An older house, for example, might have a very old system. If you add a modern HVAC or solar power setup to the house, the load may not be stable.

Burning, Humming, or Sparks

These are major problems, and you should call an electrical contractor if either of these happens. Modern systems shouldn't spark, and they should never produce burning smells.

Similarly, some systems may hum. This is particularly common with some older lighting setups. Also, you could hear a hum around the electrical panels. Any humming is a potential sign of the system pulling too much load, so contact a contractor immediately.