Walk-In Cooler Repair Issues: Common Problems To Watch For

Your commercial walk-in coolers are a critical part of your food safety infrastructure. Keeping those coolers working properly is essential, but that means recognizing the signs of trouble as early as possible to seek repairs. Many business owners overlook the most common indications that they need walk-in cooler repairs, ultimately costing more in repairs when the cooler finally fails. Here are some of the early signs that indicate that you need a repair technician. 

Damaged Door Gaskets

The gaskets on your cooler doors seal those doors to keep the cool air inside the unit. This is essential for maintaining a consistent temperature inside the cooler space. When the gaskets are worn or deteriorating, they will allow warmer air to seep in. This can interfere with the necessary temperature control for food safety. Any time you notice your walk-ins running longer than they normally do and you can see any signs of damage to the door gaskets, you need to call a repair technician.

Water on the Floor

If you go into the walk-in and you find water pooling on the floor without any obvious explanation, such as a spill, that's problematic as well. In most cases, that's an indication that there's a seal or a drainage line that has failed and needs to be replaced. Ignoring this creates an environment where mold can grow, which is harmful to your food storage.

Frost on the Walk-In

Whether it's built up on the exterior or interior surfaces, frost on the walk-in is an indication of poor temperature regulation and insufficient humidity control. A walk-in cooler repair technician can assess the unit's refrigeration system, airflow, and seals to determine the source of the problem and address it. That way, you can ensure even temperatures at all times.

Inconsistent Internal Temperatures

Especially with a walk-in in a commercial environment, you need to know the internal temperature of the cooler at all times. In fact, with walk-in coolers, you should actually have thermometers placed in several areas of the cooler so that you can be sure that the temperature is consistent throughout. If any thermometer is reading warmer than the rest, call a repair technician to determine the source of the uneven cooling.

These are some of the most common reasons to seek walk-in cooler repair. Talk with a technician near you today for more help and to find out what's going on with your company's walk-in cooler.