Things An AC Contractor May Check When They Service Your Air Conditioner

AC contractors often advise having your air conditioning equipment serviced annually. This may even be a requirement for complying with the terms of your warranty. Regular service calls keep your AC clean and in good repair, which is worth it so you can avoid coming home to a hot house because your AC breaks down due to a lack of maintenance. Here are important things your AC contractor checks when servicing your equipment.

The Refrigerant

The refrigerant is an important component to check on your AC. If the refrigerant is low, that means there's a leak and the refrigerant will keep leaking out until the problem is fixed. Your refrigerant should always be in the proper range for the optimal functioning of your equipment. If it's low, you'll want to know so repairs can be done.

The Coils And Refrigerant Lines

The copper refrigerant coils and lines need to be clean so they can pick up and release heat the way they're designed to do. The indoor coil may get coated with dust and need to be cleaned off. The outdoor coil may get coated with dirt and dust too. If the coils or lines get dirty, they might ice over, and that can cause your AC to shut down. Cleaning the coils if needed is an important part of AC maintenance.

The Blower

When the blower spins, it pulls air into the air handler through the filter. The air then passes over the evaporator coil and goes through the ducts to cool your home. When air gets pulled through the filter, some dust may come through too, especially if the filter is dirty. This dust accumulates on the blower fins. If the blower gets coated in dust, it may get hard to spin and that might cause the motor to burn out. Cleaning the blower protects the motor and can keep your AC from breaking down.

The Thermostat

The thermostat is part of the air conditioning system in your home, and if it's faulty, your AC may be erratic or not work at all. When the thermostat malfunctions, it might drive up your power bill. The AC contractor might recommend getting a new thermostat if your old one is past its lifespan or when it's not working properly.

There are also many small parts in your air conditioner the AC contractor checks, such as the wiring, contactor, and capacitors. Some of these might get damaged over the winter by mice or insects that live in the condenser when it's idle. A service call involves checking the condenser and air handler to make sure all the parts are in good shape because even small parts play a role in keeping your AC running properly.

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