3 AC Part Replacements Your Condenser May Need During A Heatwave

The last thing you want when it's hot and sweltering outside is for your AC to break down. However, air conditioners work hard during a heatwave, so it's possible you'll need to have parts replaced even if you keep up with maintenance. Your AC condenser may be in full sun all day, and the temperatures can get very hot inside the unit and put strain on the parts. Here are some AC part replacements you could need to have done to keep your AC operational in hot weather. 

1. Replace The Capacitor

Replacing the capacitor in your air conditioner is a common AC repair. Capacitors wear out, especially when they're under strain during a heatwave. The capacitor has to work so the fan and compressor can start up. When a capacitor is bad, you might hear a humming noise coming from the condenser. An AC repair technician can use a multimeter to verify the capacitor is bad. The capacitor is an easy part to replace, so repairs are usually quick. Once your unit has a new capacitor, it should start cooling your home again.

2. Replace The Fan Motor

The condenser fan motor might go bad if the motor struggles because of a bad capacitor. The motor could also go bad because it burns out for another reason. When the motor is bad, the AC repair technician needs to replace it. A functioning fan is essential for your air conditioner to work properly.

The fan blows heat away from the condenser coil so the coil and refrigerant can cool down a little before cycling back into your house, so a bad motor has to be replaced. This is done by pulling the fan out of the condenser and taking it apart. The motor is between the blades and the grille, so it's a little difficult and time-consuming to get to it and replace it with a new part.

3. Replace A Bad Fuse

Power from the electrical panel passes through a disconnect box before going to your condenser. The disconnect box has a couple of fuses in it. The purpose of this box is to allow the AC repair technician to pull the fuses out to disconnect the power quickly when working on your unit.

If one of the fuses goes bad due to power issues caused by the heatwave or strain on your equipment, it has to be replaced. Your unit won't get power until it has good fuses. Replacing a bad fuse is an easy AC repair that can be done quickly.

Contact a local air conditioning replacement service to learn more.