How Common Condenser Problems Can Cause Inefficient Cooling

The air conditioner condenser coils, which sit outside the house, contain fins or coils that channel refrigerant outside the house and back into the house. It is in the condensing unit that the heat is transferred from the refrigerant (in the coils) to the outside air. This means, if the condenser isn't working properly, it will not drain away the heat, and your air conditioner's efficiency will plummet. Here are three common things that lead to malfunctioning condenser fins:

Your Pets And Your Air Conditioning: Consider AC And Technician Safety, Too

Having pets is wonderful, for the most part. The added maintenance that you have to do to repair chewed shoes and scratched furniture might not be so nice, but overall, your pet is a good addition to your family. However, your pet can also cause issues for your air conditioning system in more ways than one. Many people concentrate on keeping their pets safe in hot weather with the air conditioner, but you should also look at keeping your air conditioner—and the techs who repair it—safe from your pets.

Two Preventative Strategies You Should Use For Your HVAC System

Few systems in your home are as important as your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system.  There's nothing worse than reaching out to turn on your air conditioning unit, only to find that it has faltered.  Don't wait until there is an emergency situation to spring into action; use these preventative strategies so that you can keep your HVAC system in good condition for as long as possible. Get An HVAC Maintenance Plan

Preparing For Thunderstorm Season: Three Things All Homeowners Should Do

Thunderstorms are more than a nuisance. The high winds and pouring rain can cause damage to your home, knock out power for hours, and leave you with thousands of dollars in repair bills. Thankfully, you can prevent a lot of these hassles and problems by preparing your home for the summer thunderstorm season. Here's a look at three things you should do to prepare. Make sure your AC unit is properly bolted down and protected.

It's A Heat Wave: How To Keep Your AC Working Properly This Summer

Summer is in full-gear. The temperatures are soaring and people are trying to stay cool. A recent heat wave that hit the Southwest portion of the US had temperatures soaring up to 120 degrees. With temperatures like that, it's crucial that you keep your air conditioner working properly. The most important step you can take to prevent malfunctions is to have your AC inspected and serviced by a professional air conditioning technician.