Preparing For Thunderstorm Season: Three Things All Homeowners Should Do

Thunderstorms are more than a nuisance. The high winds and pouring rain can cause damage to your home, knock out power for hours, and leave you with thousands of dollars in repair bills. Thankfully, you can prevent a lot of these hassles and problems by preparing your home for the summer thunderstorm season. Here's a look at three things you should do to prepare. Make sure your AC unit is properly bolted down and protected.

It's A Heat Wave: How To Keep Your AC Working Properly This Summer

Summer is in full-gear. The temperatures are soaring and people are trying to stay cool. A recent heat wave that hit the Southwest portion of the US had temperatures soaring up to 120 degrees. With temperatures like that, it's crucial that you keep your air conditioner working properly. The most important step you can take to prevent malfunctions is to have your AC inspected and serviced by a professional air conditioning technician.

Should You Switch To A Highly Efficient Furnace?

If you have an older furnace that needs repairs, you may be wondering if you should repair your old furnace or buy a new one. This can be a tough choice, but you should look at how inefficient your old furnace is and how much money you stand to save with the improved efficiency of a new furnace before you make a choice.  Furnace Efficiency As A Function of Time

Tips For Reducing The Strain On Your AC Unit

As soon as you turn your AC unit on for the first time, it begins to wear out. While this a pessimistic way to look at using an AC system, it can help you realize how important it is to reduce the strain on your unit in any way possible. The less your system has to run, after all, the less wear it incurs. To reduce the load on your AC unit, take steps to reduce heat gain in your home.

4 Ways To Keep Water Out Of Your Fuel Tank

If you have an on-site fuel storage tank for your company's automotive fleet, then you need to make sure that the tank stays uncontaminated. If contaminated fuel gets into your company's vehicles, you can end up with a bunch of expensive lawn decorations.  Make Sure You Use the Right Tank There are different kinds of fuel storage tanks that you can use to hold all that fuel for your business. You want to not only be sure that the tank you use is good for the kind of fuel that you want as well as where you are going to store it.