Typical Problems For A Central Heating System

Using a space heater is great when the central heating system is no long working and you need warmth in your house. However, a space heater alone isn't sufficient enough for warming up an entire house, which can cause discomfort, as you might only be able to obtain heat in one room. The fastest way to warm a house up is via a central heating system, so it is worth finding out what has caused yours to stop working as it should, instead of just relying on a space heater.

3 Heating Maintenance Tasks To Tackle Before Winter Arrives

Your heater is a key part of your home, but it can be easy to forget about as long as it's doing its job. But if you don't keep up with a regular maintenance plan, you might end up being sorry (and very cold) later on this winter. To get started, here are three maintenance tasks you should tackle every fall before the cold weather arrives. Clean Near the Gas Connection Before You Turn It On

Common Causes Of Foul Smells Coming From Your Air Conditioning System

Foul odors can be a commonly encountered problem for air conditioning system. Yet, homeowners will frequently be unsure of the various problems that could be contributing to this problem. While there are many problems that could cause your air conditioner to smell foul, there are three particularly common sources of this problem that you should know about. Dirty Ducting The air ducts that run throughout your home can accumulate almost shocking amounts of dust and dander.

How Common Condenser Problems Can Cause Inefficient Cooling

The air conditioner condenser coils, which sit outside the house, contain fins or coils that channel refrigerant outside the house and back into the house. It is in the condensing unit that the heat is transferred from the refrigerant (in the coils) to the outside air. This means, if the condenser isn't working properly, it will not drain away the heat, and your air conditioner's efficiency will plummet. Here are three common things that lead to malfunctioning condenser fins:

Your Pets And Your Air Conditioning: Consider AC And Technician Safety, Too

Having pets is wonderful, for the most part. The added maintenance that you have to do to repair chewed shoes and scratched furniture might not be so nice, but overall, your pet is a good addition to your family. However, your pet can also cause issues for your air conditioning system in more ways than one. Many people concentrate on keeping their pets safe in hot weather with the air conditioner, but you should also look at keeping your air conditioner—and the techs who repair it—safe from your pets.